Posted by: Philipp | September 6, 2008

In the beginning there was water

Water has always been a big border between countries and people. Mankind has managed to cross those waters and break these borders with big ships and airplanes, but have they really? This blog is about 3 guys attempting to swim the Strait of Gibraltar in the summer of 2009, not only to perform a long distance swim, but to show that there are much bigger borders in the world than the sea between two continents.

This project aims to raise awareness for the suffering of African people and raise funds to fight it.

The dates that we have set aside for our swim are June 28 – July 11, 2009. We will arrive in Tarifa Island, Spain, do a couple of days of training in the Strait, and then wait for a day of clear weather to do the swim.

The Team:
Jon Lenchner, Long Distance Swimmer, USA
Youssef Drissi, Soccer Fanatic and Organizer, Morocco
Philipp Tiedt, Long Distance Triathlete, Germany

Please help spreading the word for this project!



  1. Go on! You guys are cool. Best of luck with your swim. I like the idea of bridging the human and geographic boundaries. You might want to put a map on your blog.
    Will that be really choppy water?

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