Posted by: Philipp | January 19, 2009

30.2 k and 3rd place in male solo

My first test for the big swim is over. Never expected it to be that hard though. I competed in the 24h swim in Stuttgart and thought I could easily swim a couple of kilometres. Starting at 3 PM on Saturday the first 5k felt allright. I then had a 15 mins break and went back to the water with good motivation to complete the 10k. It felt quite hard to get back to pace and keep up a certain speed, unfortunately there was no one to draft behind so I had a bit of work to do. Half an hour break afterwards and then went for the next 5k which felt slow, very slow. Took a breath for another hour before aiming for the 20k mark. I couldnt do much more than 3k per hour so it took me a while 😉 Then went back home for a good sleep.

Back next morning to do a couple more kilometres and that felt allright. Reached 26k quite ok and had a few minutes break before going for anthor 4k. Completing the 30k felt great but I thought I’d do 200m more, which seemed to pay out in the end as I was in 3rd place in the men solo competition and lots of people where going for the 30k goal (as far as I heard).

24h Swim Stuttgart

24h Swim Stuttgart

So lots of work to do before the swim. I definitely need to work on my longer units and have planed to do a 10k swim every now and then.

This week will probably be the only week ever that I can beat the Jon’s or Mark’s training distance, hehe


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