Posted by: jlenchner | August 19, 2009

Espana Bound

My family and I leave for Spain tonight, arriving in Madrid tomorrow morning. We are then immediately catching a train to the south, spending the first night in Cordova. From there I head to Malaga to meet up with Philipp and get in a few days of practice swims in the vicinity of Tarifa. The rest of my family will go site-seeing in Cordova and Grenada.

On the 22nd Philipp and I meet with Rafael of ACNEG to go over logistics and meet with our support boat team. On the 23rd we meet back up with my family and get the keys to the house we have rented for a week 8 km outside of Tarifa. The 24th is our first possible swim date. The 28th and 29th mark the neap tide, or time of lowest tidal variation, which would be the ideal time to swim. However, if the weather is good, we will not wait for the neap tide.

Our next posting will be from Spain! Thanks to everyone for all of your support. If you have made a donation to Swim for Africa, the Dispatch Foundation/Elias Fund thank-you as well.



  1. I knew Jonathan and lost contact with him over 20 years ago….this guy is incredible. He has always been on a quest to achieve something great. This is no exception, and I am glad to see that the grinding of life hasn’t put out his adventurist spirit!

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