Posted by: jlenchner | August 22, 2009

Day Two in Tarifa

After a long and much needed sleep last night we made our way to the harbor to meet Rafael. We found him readily and he greeted us heartily. There is a Greek swimmer who has been waiting to swim for four days ahead of us. The likely day for our swim is now Wednesday, but things can change day-by-day, depending on the weather, so we will check in again with Rafael tomorrow and then every day until we swim.

A few impressions: it was absolutely great to see Philipp again after 5 years. I felt immediately comfortable with Philipp´s girlfriend, Patricia, and the three of us are having a great time together. I hope the rest of my family is doing as well in Cordova and now in Savilla. We meet up again tomorrow.

Tarifa is the windiest place I have ever experienced. I can only wonder what Cape Horn or the Cape of Good Hope are like. From our hostel the wind blows so hard it often sounds like a hurricane outside. For the two days we have been here the wind has been dead against the direction we will be swimming. Today there were white caps. Philipp and I swam for about a mile and a half or two miles. Swimming into the wind took perhaps 35 minutes and swimming with the wind about 10 minutes (times are impressions only since we did not take watches). Our speeds are quite compatible. I can still feel the sea rocking us.



  1. Good luck Jon & co, I’m cheering for you!

  2. Jon, best of luck with your swim. I know how hard you train so anything is possible. I’ll be thinking of you. See you back at Pace in the fall. Cindy

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