Posted by: jlenchner | August 24, 2009

We are next

Spent a sleepless night in our villa getting bitten by all sorts of things and lathering myself up with Benadryl lotion. Got up at 8 AM, with a nasty looking swollen eye, to go shopping for everyone with Philipp but the earliest any supermarket in town opens is 9:15. Managed to shop and get down to the harbor to meet with Rafael by about 11. Uncanny lull in the wind today so perfect swimming conditions. We met the Greek swimmer and chatted briefly with him. He has done a 35K in the Greek Isles as preparation but, like us, is concernred about the cold. He went off at 11:30. We are still scheduled for Wednesday but the time has moved up from 1 PM to Noon.

After the meeting with Rafael, Philipp, Patricia and I took my girls to a sheltered area out by so-called Tarifa Island, which is not a true island but a rocky mass of land connected to the main part of Tarifa by a narrow, walkable, spit. As the kids played, Philipp and I headed out for a swim around the island, which turned out to be a lot longer and rougher in spots then we thought. At the roughest patch we met up with a fishing boat and the lone fisherman, who spoke only Spanish, urged us to come aboard, which we ultimately did. It turned out he was explaining that we were fighting a 2 knot current, so making very slow progress. He took us a few hundred yards and we jumped overboard to finish our swim. The most worrisome part of the swim for me was that I got extaordinarily cold.


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