Posted by: jlenchner | August 25, 2009

Eve of the Swim

A beuatiful mild day here at our villa. Stunning view across the Strait to the Spanish territory of Ceuta and the rugged Moroccan terrain between Ceuta and Tanger. The first day we got here all we could see was the faintest outline of Morocco, but day by day Morocco has come into sharper view culminating with today.

On the one hand, our villa is eight to ten kilometers out of town, so inconvenient since we have to take turns shuttling back and forth in our 7-person rental van. However, by virtue of being out of the hustle and bustle of Tarifa, the villa is incredibly restful. It is also much cooler than Tarifa since it is perched near the top of a little mountain. On the way here we saw a wild boar! The villa itself has fig and lemon trees as well as red grapes. We have partaken of the figs and grapes but not the lemons.

I am trying to keep my mind in a quiet, meiditative, state so I get some rest tonight which will be the eve of the swim if the weather cooperrates. We meet with Rafael at 11 for the final decision, with a likely departure of noon to 1 PM if all goes according to plan.


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