To make the swim more meaningful to us, we have decided to use the swim, and some of the publicity it has generated, to raise awareness and money for the poor of Africa. 50% of any contributions we receive will be given to the Elias Fund, in your name, and up to 50% will be used to help us with our swim costs. Once we make our budget, all remaining funds will be given to Elias. We therefore hope you will help us support the Elias Fund, a grass roots organization dedicated to raising money to empower the youth and communities of Zimbabwe and rural South Africa overcome the tragic consequences of poverty.

If you are interesting in contibuting towards our swim, please make a check out to “Swim for Africa” and mail your check to:

Swim for Africa
c/o Jon Lenchner
338 Nash Road
North Salem, NY 10560

We have filed the requisite papers with the Sate of New York, USA, to become a not-for-profit organization and once finalized we will then submit papers to become a registered 501(c)3 organization. However, we are not currently a 501(c)3 organization, and the paperwork may not come through before the end of the year. Thus, if you are a US tax payer, only the 50% that goes to Elias, legally, may be deducted from your taxes. If our 501(c)3 status changes before year-end we will notify all donors by mail and email.

If you wish to make a direct contribution to the Elias Fund yourself, in honor of Swim for Africa, and separately send us a check to help with our swim costs, that is wonderful too. You may send a check to:

The Elias Fund
1101 S Washington St.,
Denver, CO 80210

You may also make a donation using PayPal directly from the Elias web site. Please mention to Elias that your donation is in honor of “Swim for Africa”. Also, on communications to us, please include a brief note describing your intentions. Thank you in advance for your support!



  1. Please let me know when you have your fundraising apparatus up and running.

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