Mark’s Old Training Logs

Wed, 10 Sept – All 50s all workout, ascending/descending breathing (2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2).  Crowded pool, hard swimming.

Thu, 11 Sept – Short workout today.  Swam a 2000 for pace, bilateral breathing, 13 strokes/lap, keeping 1:18 on the hundred splits.  Kick set and stretched out 100s to warm down.

Fri, 12 Sept – 4500 countdown set for the weekend (1000, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500).  Pull set of hundreds on the 1:30 to warm down.

Sun, 14 Sept – Approximately 3000 at Green Lake.  Water was glassy and balmy, probably high 60s or even 70.  Wondering how long I’ll be able to swim comfortably in the lake, or in the Sound.  I know that getting acclimatized to the cold water will be an important factor in completing this swim; it will take a lot of mental toughness to dive in when the air and water temperature both fall from their present mid-high 60s.

Mon, 15 Sept – This was a good workout day.  I did 3000 in the morning with Eric at the Tukwila City pool.  A 400 warm-up; 3X200 on 3:00 breathing every third; 5X100 on 1:30 breathing every third; 250 kick set; 250 drag finger stroke drill; 5X100 on 1:45 keeping time between 1:10 and 1:15; and a 500 pull warm down counting down breathing (every 6, 5, 4, 3, 2) on the hundreds.  Then this evening I swam approximately another 3000 at Green Lake.  It was really glassy, and I felt very smooth and relaxed going back and forth across the lake.

Tues, 16 Sept – Swam 4600 this morning at the Tukwila Pool.  Started with 500 warm-up.  Then 12X50 on 55 breathing every third on the first lap, every fourth on the second.  Then 5X200 IMs on 3:30.  Then 5X300s on 4:30.  A 500 kick set and 500 warm down (breaststroke and freestyle) finished it up.  Dragging a bit, but times were ok.

Weds, 17 Sept – Swam about 35 minutes at Green Lake (approx 2000).  It was a beautiful night, totally calm, nobody on the lake.  Got in as the sun was turning orange and dropping behind the trees.  The water was several degrees colder than Monday and without the sun it felt cold for nearly the entire time.  Guess I better get used to it…

Thurs, 18 Sept – Swam 4100 today.  10X200 on 3:10 (breathing every 3 on the odd laps and every 2 on the evens) and an pull set 10X200 on 3:00 breathing pattern was 50 each breathing 5,4,3,2.  A slow 100 breaststroke to warm down.  I am spending a lot of time working on my breathing on both sides trying to even out my stroke.  I am also exaggerating the roll in my shoulders, again trying to even out my stroke and relieve the shoulder stress so that as I increase the distance as we head into spring I don’t get the same shoulder symptoms I got with the ramp up for the 25K last summer.

Mon, 22 Sept – Late start to the day, so only a short, rushed swim this morning.  500 countdown for 1500 total.  Felt out of sorts–probably due to the mental distraction of rushing and worrying about somewhere else to be.

Tues, 23 Sept – Swam 4000 today.  5X300, then 500 countdown, 5X100 IM, 300 kick set and 8×25 (every other no breath) warming down.  Tried the dolphins off the wall that Jon suggests; not yet natural for me.  Will need more work.

Wed, 24 Sept – Easy two miles this morning.  4X200 count-ups (50,100,150,200) holding pace, stroke count and bilateral breathing.  5X100 IMs, 500 kick set, 600 warm down.  Worrying already about having to miss workouts next week for a business trip.  The reduced yardage from what I was swimming in the spring and summer makes me antsy, because I feel like I am losing ground rather than holding it.  Definitely doing more stroke work now, but in my mind haven’t cemented the connection between that investment now and future benefits.  Got some good tips on cold water ocean swimming from a local swimmer here in Puget Sound and will have to try short swims in the Sound now before the temperature drops too much.

Fri, 26 Sept – Short, but intense workout this morning.  10X100s to warm up.  Then 1000 for time.  500 Kick set and 10X25 to warm down.  Went to Green Lake in the afternoon, since it was sunny, but found that they have now locked the restroom doors, signaling the end of the summer season.  Didn’t get a swim in, but sat and looked across the lake at the Cascades in the background and thought about cold water swimming.

Sat, 27 Sept – Yikes!  Went for a short, cold swim at Green Lake.  Air temp in the 50s, overcast, water temp in the low 60s (was 64 a week ago, colder now).  Went in slowly the Penny Dean way, walked in, hands wet early, splashed face and arms, etc.  Really cold.  Hurt.  Acclimating will be very tough.

Sun, 28 Sept – Swam 4400 at Tukwila.  Started with 20X100 fast, bilateral breathing with about 30 secs rest.  Then 500 kick set, 10X50 (breathing right down, left back), 500 alternating breaststroke and freestyle (breathing left), 10X25s (countdown breathing, stroke count n/g/t 12), 5X100 IM and 150 slow warm down.  Working on my breathing, trying to even out my stroke.  Discovered that the Sound here varies in temperature between 46 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit–wow, that’s cold.  I thought Green Lake was cold at 60!

Tues, 30 Sept – Swam 4000 at Tukwila.  Started with a 500 countdown (500, 400, 300, 200, 100) keeping stroke count at 12.  Then 5X100 breathing every third, 500 breast/free, 4X250 pull set, 250 kick set and 10X25 (6,5,4,3,2 breathing).

Wed, 1 Oct – Swam 4000 in the Catalina Pool at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix.  This was Marilyn Monroe’s favorite pool at the Biltmore, beautiful tile bottom, fountain at one end.  Swimming as the dark changed into the desert dawn.

Thurs, 2 Oct – Swam 3000 in the Catalina Pool.

Fri, 3 Oct – Swam 1500 in the Catalina Pool.

Sun, 5 Oct – 5 grand today at Tukwila.  1000 to start, 20X50, 500 alternating breast and freestyle, 4X250, 500 kick set, 5X100 IMs and 20X25 to warm down.

Tues, 7 Oct – 3600 today at Tukwila.  500 to start; 5X100 (left arm down, right back, catch up, bilateral); 1000 IM (400, 400, 200); 500 kick set; 500 descending (200, 150, 100, 50); 3X150 (9 strokes/length); 6X25.

Fri, 10 Oct – 3600 today at Los Cab.

Sat, 11 Oct – 4000 today at Los Cab.

Thu, 16 Oct – 4200 today at Los Cab.  Swimming very fast.

Fri, 17 Oct – 3600 today at Los Cab.  Started with 1000; then 10X50s, breathing every third, stroke count NGT 13; 5X100; 4X250; 20X25, stroke count NGT 11; 200 kick set; 4X100 warm down.

Sat, 18 Oct – Short (2250) workout at Los Cab; very tired and sluggish because I got up at 5 so my daughter could get to a 5-mile run along the beach trail at Huntington Beach this morning (she finished in a respectable time for an 11 year old’s first run, 1:12).  Plan for this evening is to relax and watch “On a Clear Day”, a movie Jon added to the Resources page, and which my local Blockbuster is supposed to have.  I am finding that my set times are a little quicker than they were earlier this year when we were training for the 25K, but that my endurance (think ability to do an 8000 meter workout consisting of 4X2000s) feels very much diminished.  I wonder if that is the natural result of the shorter workouts?  Would have thought that speed would also decrease with the reduced training distance.  I keep thinking that I need to add more stretching, weights and running or stationary bike to my weekly regimen to make up for the decreased distance, build endurance and keep the interest up.  Haven’t done this yet; still procrastinating….

Sun, 19 Oct – 3200 long course today at Los Cab.  Started with a 2500 swim, then did the 7X100s to relax and warm down.

Mon, 20 Oct – 3700 swim tonight at Los Cab. Beautiful swimming in the lighted pool under the night sky.  Neat to see stars on the backstroke legs.  Felt very smooth and relaxed in the water.  Started with 20X100, then 5X100 IMs, 10X50 breathing every 5th, 500 kick set and 200 to warm down.

Tues. 21 Oct – 3700 tonight at Los Cab.  1000 smooth to start, second half faster than first; 10X100 breathing every third; 10X100 IM; 20X25 long strokes, breathing every 5; 200 warm-down.

Sat, 25 Oct – Swam a 3000 pull, 12 strokes per lap, breathing every third, 41:30 for time.  Felt very smooth, periodically fought the urge to swim faster and the restlessness of repetitively flipping every 12 strokes.

Tues, 28 Oct – 3600 today.

Thurs, 30 Oct – 3600 today.

Tue, 4 Nov – 5500 today.  Did a 1000 countdown (1000, 900, 800, etc).

Wed, 5 Nov – 5050 today.  Started with 1000; then 10X200; 5X100; 500 kick set; 5X100 IM; 250 pull with paddles/buoy; 5X50 with paddles, no buoy; 50 breaststroke to finish warm down.

Thu, 6 Nov – 5000 today.  2000 pull (buoy/paddles); 5X200 IM; 5X100; 10X50 breathing every 3d; 3X250; 1X250 stretching out, countdown breathing.

Fri, 7 Nov – 5000 today.  40X100 pace/stroke count exercise; 4X250.

Sun, 9 Nov – 4000 today. 4X250; 250 kick-5X50 one arm crawl-250 kick-5X50 catch-up; 10X100; 20X50 with paddles. Good easy workout.  More exciting, though, was arriving at the pool and seeing breaststroke great Megan Quann–two golds in the Sydney Olympics–teaching a breaststroke clinic.  I didn’t see the advertisement for this in the PNA Masters newsletter so didn’t go to the entire 2 hour session (dang it!) but it was neat to catch even the last 15 minutes of the class.  It’s always an inspiration to see swimmers of her caliber and just absorb their enthusiasm and dedication.

Mon, 10 Nov – 2000 today.  Felt rotten, and the nagging pain in my left tricep (several weeks old now) felt worse, so I cut it short.  Haven’t found what is causing this, but don’t want to aggravate it unnecessarily.

Thu, 13 Nov – 2200 today.  Swam a combination of sets of 150s, 50s and 25s.

Sat, 15 Nov – 5500 today starting with a 35 minute swim for pace and endurance.  

Tue, 18 Nov – 4000 only.  Felt like carp.  Was dragging and sore, didn’t sleep well, and it came out in the swimming.  Dragging through the water, no glide.  Sucking wind.  Probably due to so little swimming this month (and last).  Feel like the conditioning has really declined since the peak of the summer when I was swimming approx 10 grand a day.  Will need to step it up to get ready for the swim and to keep up with Jon!

Thu, 20 Nov – 4000 again today.  Nursing the left tricep, which feels tight like there is residual tendonitis.  Trying Jon’s idea of looking at the bottom to get my head down.  This can be an issue in the municipal pool, where some people don’t follow the traditional etiquette and jump in and start swimming without ensuring that the swimmers already in the lane know they are there.  Looking at the bottom leaves almost no time to avoid surprise swimmers–almost ran over a guy this morning.  Combo sets of 250s, 100 IMs, 150s, and a 400 kick set.

Fri, 21 Nov – 2600 this morning, starting with a 2000 swim. 

Sun, 23 Nov – No swimming today.  We are in Palm Springs and could not get to the municipal pool.  The hotel where we are (in old Palm Springs) has only a very short pool, and swimming six strokes and turning seems too crazy even for me.  Did 45 minutes in the weight room instead.  We’ll see how sore I am by Tuesday…

Mon, 24 Nov – 2500 swim (est based on time and stroke count) this morning in the narrow, curvy hotel pool at Hyatt Grand Champions in Indian Hills.  Lots of chop coming off the walls–probably good to swim in those conditions, but kind of a pain.  Working as I have for the last several weeks at getting a smoother stroke with bilateral breathing.  I find that I work harder when bilateral breathing because the glide just isn’t there.  I notice while doing the head down drill that I feel the rotation better though and can force myself to hold a glide.  It’s exaggerated, but maybe that’s the point of the drill.

Tue, 25 Nov – 3500 tonight at Los Cab.  1000 to start, 2X500, 4X250, then a 500 step up/down drill.  Felt very good–smooth and fast (for me)–and could have kept going but had to quit to go pick up the dog.  It was great to be back in the pool at Los Cab; it’s an excellent place to train and there is nothing like swimming outdoors all year to keep the spirit up.

Wed, 26 Nov – 4000 tonight at Los Cab.  1000 to start (13:34), then 8X125 on 2:00; 1000 yards of stoke/kick drill; 10X75 on 1:10; 10X25 descending breathing and stroke count exercise.  Motivating to watch the Nova swim team (Novaquatics) in the lanes next to me.  Those kids are fast, and their technique is awesome.

Fri, 28 Nov – 3600 this morning at Los Cab.  1000 to start, then 4X500 and 12X50 bilateral.  Sluggish after the big Thanksgiving dinner, and sucking wind a bit.  I also notice that I see degradation after only a day or two of not being in the water.  Troublesome, but good to know.


Mon, 1 Dec – 4100 today.  Back at Tukwila.  Started with 5X400 with 15 sec rest, then 5X100 bilateral breathing, then 10X50, 500 kick set and 4X150.  Swam the last part of the workout with Eric.

Weds, 3 Dec – 5650 today, divided in two.  A short 2400 workout with Eric in the morning (got up late!) and 3250 after work in the evening.  Morning was 10X200, 5X50 on the minute for speed, and a 200 warm down.  Evening workout started with a 500 warm-up swim, 10X100 (fins, bilateral breathing), 250 kick set, 5X50 backstroke with fins (working on dolphin off the wall), 10X50 breaststroke/freestyle (left breathing), 5X100 faster on short interval and a warm-down.  First double since the 25K, feels good in the evening after the workout.  Probably sleep well, too.

Thu, 4 Dec – 2800 tonight at Tukwila.  Short, rushed workout after work.  1000, 5X100 free, 2X250, 25s to warm down.  Heat treating my left shoulder; maybe the shoulder/tricep problem is not yet resolved.

Fri, 5 Dec – 3500 tonight.  Smooth, comfortable  3000 continuous swim (500s dead on 7:10, 13 strokes per lap) to start.  Time to start slowly working back into the mental challenge of holding moderate pace for longer swims and not getting the tight, agitated feeling of wanting to rush through the set.  500 kick set to finish.  Pool was empty, except for Scotty who was there for about the first half hour.  Nice to have someone to pace with.  Shoulder a little rough, watching and waiting to see what’s going on.

Sun, 7 Dec – 5300 today.  Smooth 2000 to start (500 splits on 7:05), 10X100 bilateral breathing w/fins; 500 kick set; 5X100 on 1:30 with 2d lap at sprint to work for burst ability; 5X200 IMs on 3:30; 25s descending breathing (7, 6 …) to warm down and finish.  Noticed that the shoulder felt worst during fly.  Perhaps I’ll drop the IMS for awhile and see if it helps resolve the issue.

Mon, 8 Dec – 5500 today, in a 1000 countdown (1000, 900, 800, etc with speed increasing as the distance decreases).  I love this workout; it has everything–pace work, endurance work, speed work at the end.  The first four or so reps in the set are a slog, but once they are done, the 600 and below seem short.  Today, started slow to warm up with the 500 splits on 7:10 for the 1000; descended through 7:05, 7:00, to the 500 at 6:45.  Hundred splits continued to drop to a 1:08 finish–slow I know, but, hey, I’m an old, slow guy so that’s ok, and I was working hard after the 4000 point….

Tue, 9 Dec – 3600 tonight at Tukwila after work.  500 warm up, 10X100 on 1:30; 500 kick set; 5X150 on 2:15; 10X25 descending breathing from 6; 600 continuous alternating breaststroke and free.

Thu, 11 Dec – 5500 morning workout at Tukwila.  2000 swim to start; then a 200 ladder (50, 100, 150, 200 and back down); 10X100; 500 kick set; 10X50; 500 warm down (breast, free, 25s).

Sat, 20 Dec – Nice 2 mile swim today outside at Los Cab.  3750 total.  1000 keeping stroke count at 12; 10X100 on 1:30, descending (though not much!); 100 slow; 15X75 on 1:10 with a sprint incorporated (on lap 1, then 2, then 3, etc); then a ladder (25, 50, 75, 100 and down) to warm down.

Sun, 21 Dec – Two miles again today at Los Cab.  3650 total.  2000 to start; 10X100 with sprint incorporated (lap 1, 2, 3, 4, etc); 600 swim combined breast, back and freestyle to warm down.  Nice stretch and soak in the hot tub afterward.

Mon, 22 Dec – 3300 meter continuous swim during a rain break this afternoon at Los Cab with the pool set up as long course.  After the first thousand or so, got into the mindset of distance swimming and started to feel smooth and even.

Tues, 23 Dec – Short, pleasant 2000  yards at Los Cab with a soak in the hot tub after.  5X200 on 3:00 descending; 10X50 on 1:00 descending; 500 easy mixed swim.

Fri, 26 Dec – Six grand today in a nice workout on a crisp, sunny winter day.  Nothing but the occasional jet trail in the blue sky.  Nova team arrived toward the end of my set of 12X500s; nice to see them.  Those kids are really fast and have excellent technique.  Remind me of my age, but inspire me, too.

Sat, 27 Dec – Intense 2200 yard workout at Los Cab in the sunshine.  4X250 fast pace, descending; 10X50 descending 1 second per and ending below 30; 500 pace; 8X25s no breath.

Mon, 29 Dec – 5200 meters today under the sun at Los Cab.  Took advantage of the pool being set long course to swim a 5k, which was ok.  Had a bit of the trying to rush in the first 1000 but got settled and into the rhythm of the long swim after that. So mental, meditation is good exercise for that.  Swam a slow 200, mostly backstroke, to cool down.

Tues, 30 Dec – 4000 today.  30X100, alternating freestyle and backstroke for first 20, freestyle and IM for the last 10.  200 ladder (50, 100, 150, 200, back down) to finish.  Fins all workout.


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